Mixture of Emotions

It’s been a while since I last tapped out a blog, I’ve been training hard and keeping my head down and mind focussed, it’s been an emotional few months and I wanted to share with you where I’m at as the big day looms….

I’ve just completed my last long training run and thank goodness it gets easier now for the next few weeks before I venture up to London for the real thing.

It’s been a real mixture of emotions on this “what seems like” a long journey.
Obviously, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to run a marathon and I know I was lucky to gain a charity space with BDA. I can’t say I won’t be pleased when it’s all over though!!!
The moment I gained the space I was bursting with happiness that I had this opportunity of something I’ve always wanted to achieve, but on the other hand I was worried about how I was ever going to get past 6 miles never mind the extra 20!


I started off well knowing it was ok I had nearly a year ahead….. I met the targets I set myself and as Autumn kicked in I made that 10 miles. I was so happy but at that point, I knew I had so much more work to do to add on another 16!

Stuck on the 10 miles for quite some time I began to feel frustrated with myself.
I would gain feedback from other runners drawing strength and started to push myself on until I finally managed it. I didn’t look back after that. Whatever the weather I was there.

Meantime I was busy organising my charity dinner, raffle and auction to raise the money for BDA that I had signed up for. I am still astounded by the support and kindness of my friends, family, and people supporting my charity event. I completely smashed my target of £1,500 easily and now almost at £4,000. How could I not be happy and move forward with my running to thank them all for the much-needed support?! What a boost!
15 miles by the end of the Winter – well that hurt!  In fact, I don’t get to that mileage without hurting now, but my body has learned to cope and push through.

When I ran my last 20 miles I actually walked the last 2 miles. I don’t think I was in the right zone the morning I left the house, emotions were definitely running high. I felt like crying on mile 16, a tear rolled down as I felt my legs starting to fail me but I quickly had a word with myself to pull it together and battered on telling myself I’d chosen to do this and so many people would love this opportunity if they were able.


A few days later I ran an 8 miler and it felt so different, I smiled the whole way and definitely ran at a quicker pace. This week I ran my final long training run, 22 miles. I had to keep reminding myself that I would be happy at the end and of course, I was when that voice from my app told me I had!! Might have done a little air fist pump to myself!! 😆

Food, water, and nutrition have become apparent in helping my runs. Listening to my body and it tells me to eat all the time. I’m learning to eat the right foods to fuel up instead of my usual white carbs.

The pace is the main thing that has been bothering me! Whilst I’ve trained these 1,000’s of miles in the last year, I sort of regret not entering 10k’s and half marathons to gain race experience. I am a naturally competitive person and like to set myself targets against myself. Not a bad thing BUT because I’m like this I have to keep remembering this isn’t a race to me, it’s about getting over that finish line in one piece and handing over my well-earned sponsor money to BDA. It’s OK to be a little slower than I want to be in my head for my first and final Marathon, although if I can maintain what I did for my 22 miles will be quite happy.

I have decided I’m not a long distance runner and may stick to 10k’s after this!

I do get asked a lot how long it will take me…my answer is I have no idea?! As a result, I’m thinking of running a sweepstake just to see if I can possibly reach a nice round number of 260% on my Just Giving page.

BDA Target

Keep an eye on my Facebook page!

Oh, and did I mention I’m now on the British Dyslexia Association website with fellow runner Robb Starr?

Nat x



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