Woo-hoo I did it!

Can you believe it?! It’s been 2 weeks since the Gala Dinner when an amazing amount of money was raised for the BDA – the total far exceeded all expectations and I’m still in awe now.  Thank you all x

As a result of being so bowled over by everyone’s support and generosity I actually went on to crack the 10 mile barrier I had been stuck at for weeks, in last weeks training.  With memories of such a fab night and the many good luck wishes I received I was more determined than ever to beat my 10 mile demons. But I did it!! And yes it hurt! But honestly, the saying ‘I really couldn’t have done it without you, was never more true.

I said it hurt, and it did, from the constant pounding to the feet, up and down steps and running hills my body has been letting me know.  But hey presto, my fairy godmother has come to the rescue – in the form of the lovely Jacklyn Studley and her so welcomed Temple Spa products. I’ve been making sure I look after myself with this lovely indulgent trio and now my body is a temple! I’ve had problems with my feet before and want to avoid any muscle strains that hinder training  – so thank you Jacklyn x






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